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منزل المنتجاتالمطاط ماتس الملعب

ملون EPDM المطاط ملعب ماتس الأرضيات الرطوبة دليل سهلة التنظيف

ملون EPDM المطاط ملعب ماتس الأرضيات الرطوبة دليل سهلة التنظيف

Colored EPDM Rubber Playground Mats Flooring Moisture Proof Easy To Clean

تفاصيل المنتج:

مكان المنشأ: قوانغتشو، الصين
اسم العلامة التجارية: SSG-Feitelang
إصدار الشهادات: IAAF / ITF / ISO9001:2008/ ISO14001/ ISO18001/ SGS
رقم الموديل: حبيبات المطاط EPDM

شروط الدفع والشحن:

الحد الأدنى لكمية: قابل للتفاوض
الأسعار: Negotiable
تفاصيل التغليف: حزمة في برميل / الكرتون / كيس الألياف
وقت التسليم: 10 أيام بعد إيداعك
شروط الدفع: ل / c ، / تي تي ، مونيغرام ، بايبال ، ويسترن يونيون
القدرة على العرض: 10000 متر مربع شهريا
ﺎﺘﺼﻟ ﺍﻶﻧ
مفصلة وصف المنتج
العنصر: ماتس ملعب المطاط الملمس: حبيبات EPDM ، جزيئات SBR
اللون: ملون ميزة: دليل الرطوبة
ميزة: سهلة التنظيف مدى الحياة: 8-10 سنة

Colored EPDM Rubber Playground Mats Flooring Moisture Proof Easy To Clean


Rubber Playground Mats Introduction


Rubber Playground Mats is made of color EPDM and recycled SBR rubber granules, and it has many colors to choose. Premium rubber material made its excellent flexibility, wear resistance and long use life. It is your first choice for gym and sport courts.


Rubber Playground Mats Parameters


ITEM Product specifications
Glue content 8% 10% 13% 15% 18% 20% 25% 30%
Particle diameter 0.5~1mm 0.5~2mm 1~2mm 1~3mm 2~3mm 2~4mm 3~5mm
Packaging details 25kg/bag; 40bag/tray; Transparent PE valve pocket


Rubber Playground Mats Feature


Long period to use
Non-toxic and environment-friendly
Excellent wear resistance
High flexibility and durability
Color consistency
UV resistance


Rubber Playground Mats Application


EPDM particles are widely used in the surface layer of various sports venues (such as sports track, football field, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court etc, ) , schools, kindergartens, amusement parks, parks, sidewalks, fitness trails, all kinds of stadium safety mats, gyms and other sports venues ground paving.


Kindergarten playground School Playground Gym club
Sport stadium stand Execrise area Fitness weight room
Hospital Geracomiums Multipurpose playing fields
Football fields Artificial grass Athletic running tracks


ملون EPDM المطاط ملعب ماتس الأرضيات الرطوبة دليل سهلة التنظيف


Our Advantage


What's our competitive advantage distinguish us from similar manufacturers of recycled rubber products? Details below:

• We have integrated our experience and expertise to provide the best quality EPDM granules to our clients. Known for its resistance to wear and tear, the offered product is widely regarded among our valued patrons. Driven by an intense desire to serve the satisfaction of our clients, we further offer customization as per the specification briefed by the clients themselves.

• As the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games venues nominated materials supplier, we stood out as the supplier who supplied high-quality tire crumb, EPDM granules.

• We have 10 years experiences specializing in EPDM granules and this allows our company to offer an unrivaled variety of products for use in the school playground, safetyplace

and athletic running track.

• With full control over the production of materials used to make its products, we can offer

quality control and reliability that no competitor can match.













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